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So now officialy it is 9th of August here, and that means it´s my B-DAY!!!!Yay I´m finally 18…But that is one thing. The other is this post.

Omg it´s been so hard to not come back, like really. But i managed to do that somehow (don´t ask me how). Now let´s say what I did.

I think my life hasn´t changed much. Well it doesn´t changed at all. I think the tumblr was a big part of my life, and it was hard to stay away from it. From your life I mean. Now i don´t know what was so important about it. I know a lot of people live in dreams here. But i want to live my dream in real life. 

For a moment i thought my life will be better. Nope. Not that all. This summer was normal, and still is I have full month ahead but we will see what that brings, but for now I didn´t do anything extra. Well I think I can thanks to tumblr for one more thing - Teen Wolf :) I know silly, but when I left this magical place i used to have bunch of TW on my dash, and I wasn´t even fan, but that changed. Yeah big fan of the show. I actually started to watch more shows to fill the space there (Teen Wolf, Game Of Thrones, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Revenge, The Fosters) and I started to listen more songs to get better mood.

Yup, my mood hasn´t change. I have panic attacks and depression all the time, but it is better…Sometimes. I know a lot of people don´t understand it. I feel like I came so long from ending tumblr, even I didn´t do anything at all.

I really am not feeling like comming back at all…Yeah sometimes i miss it here, i miss everyone here and all of my followers, those who are still here. I know I told I come back one day, but I think it is not real now.

I just wanted to you to know that I´m okey at some point and i am still alive. And I love you no matter what.

Happy B-day to me and see you maybe next time ;)

I had too…

I promised I won´t show up here until my b-day to check on things, but today I had too.

I´m so heart broken about the news which shocked me today. I still can´t believe that Cory is dead. I cried whole morning infront of my computer.

I´m not saying I loved Cory, I´m saying I watched whole Glee and he was amazing actor and I believe he was a great friend and amazing person. 

I know how hard it has to be for his family and friends and for Lea. I will remember him forever.

You were one of many people who changed my life. Thank you for everything and goodbye I´m going to miss you.

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Everything has to came to the end. And I think this is my end here. I´ve been on this blog for so long that I even forgot what life is. I have a lot of problems in school and with my friends, and I don´t know what is real. I´ve tried to come back, but I failed. I met so many amazing people here, the BEST what happend was this girl. Bby you´ve been the only person who I was really talking too. You helped me so much, and I will never forget on you, I still have saved whole our conversation.

I never get why Aiym left, but now I see it. Whole my life is disaster. I´m turning 18 this summer and I really want to do something with my life. I know I will fail but I just need to try to do something. 

Also this whole fandom thing, I just don´t know. I love 1D so much, but I feel less and less sure about them. I will always love them, and I want to go on their concert and everything, but I don´t want to spend my whole life on thing which won´t ever happen. Let´s say I´m dreamer, but this is just unreal.

But yeah, I found new obsession and I think I won´t come back, maybe sometimes to check on news or just to tell you how I am. But believe me this is the best experience. I had tumblr before, but with only 100 followers, and now I see how it is. I´m not tumblr famous, but I loved everything about this. Also I won´t delet, cuz I want to keep everything like one big memory. Maybe I´ll be back, maybe not.

I´m sorry guys but I needed to do this. I love you and I will never forget!!!


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